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Student Housing Sites is a growing network and marketplace of the largest known, and unknown, investors doing student housing investment deals. They are interested in seeing your local listings and knowledge of the local university market.  

When you add a listing near campus, you are instantly positioning your deal and name to targeted a pool of qualified investors, where they can contact you directly and start making offers.
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When you list your off campus property, you can attract buyers immediately.  Most deal transactions are above 1MM and can go as high as 150MM, depending on the market and deal.  Just adding 1 or 2 additional deals per year in the Student Housing business can boost your earnings, year after year.  
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"A friend of mine owned a property near campus and at the last minute wanted to sell.  It was pretty close to the Ole Miss so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I had an 8 million dollar offer in hand within 3 weeks.  The network is powerful just tapping in adds value to any local broker looking to expand revenue in an investor-friendly market."

Mark Cleary
Remax Legacy Real Estate
Oxford Mississippi

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